The Swaggles Story

SWAGGLES is a Detroit based company dedicated to supporting ongoing efforts of the protection, compassion and love of dogs in Detroit, nationally and around the world.
Buy Swaggles Dog and Puppy Bandanas in aid of Animal Shelters and Rescues

Founder + CEO, Temeria Heard shares on being constantly heartbroken on the endless amount of abuse afflicted on dogs near and far.

“Our mission is to support causes and organizations that are dedicated to rescuing, healing, providing shelter and forever homes to dogs in need.”

“There are countless horrendous stories of animal abuse, but one, in particular, keeps me awake at night. I witnessed a video of a dog being doused with boiling water by its owner, all while being helplessly confined in a small cage. It is appalling acts such as this that break my heart, and they make me think of the love I have for my own dog (Snuggles). I could never imagine someone hurting her, which is why I think a brand like SWAGGLES is so important.”

Stories like these are innumerable and I am grateful for the many organizations that are committed to rescuing and providing a safe place for dogs that suffer at the hands of cruel and heartless individuals.

SWAGGLES donates a percentage of proceeds to local and national rescues.

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