The Face of Pet People Apparel — Temeria Heard — Swaggles!

Founded in 2013 by Temeria Heard, Corporate 52 Marketing Group is an award-winning, woman owned, full-service promotional marketing and branding company that provides an extensive range of promotional marketing options to increase your corporate brand awareness.

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Detroit’s Swaggles Brand Launches, to Support Dogs, Prevent Animal Abuse

Temeria Heard has created Swaggles, a Detroit-based company dedicated to supporting efforts that work to protect and love dogs and prevent animal abuse.

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Introducing Swaggles, the pet-swag business helping animals everywhere DETROIT (FOX 2)

Born and raised in Detroit, Temeria Heard started her career in automotive promotional advertising.

“For the company I was working for, I always found myself having suggestions,” she said.

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