As you know Swaggles is all about supporting the organizations and shelters who are protecting those who cannot protect themselves. 

We pride ourselves on providing various local dog rescue units with funding and assistance as much as possible – and we have you, OUR SUPPORTERS – to thank. 

One of our dog shelters which we support is Detroit Dog Rescue

Read on to find out what makes them so amazing. You can also find out how you can help them in your own capacity as well as where they are based so that you can go and adopt-not-shop. 


Detroit Dog Rescue is one of a few shelters in Michigan who are a fully “no kill” dog shelter. 

Although many dog shelters have no choice and cannot keep dogs indefinitely, we are very fortunate that the donations from the public help keep our dream alive. 

Detroit Dog Rescue was founded in 2011 and was one of the first NO KILL dog shelters in Detroit Michigan. 

Our policy is to take in Detroit’s dogs and invest the time and training needed to re-home them.

This means that they are well rounded and ready for their new homes without any hitches – as far as possible. 



As a non-profit organization one of our main missions, besides looking after homeless dogs and finding them fur-ever homes, is to actually raise the awareness of the mounting concern of the growing numbers of homeless dogs in Detroit Michigan. 

But as the numbers grow, we are always in desperate need of assistance. There are various ways in which dog-lovers can assist us and these are some of them listed below:

Help with fundraising

Volunteer within the shelter or to bring about awareness 


Become a legacy member

Foster a dog

Adopt a dog 


DETROIT DOG RESCUE: Protecting those who cannot protect themselves

As a Forever Foster parent is there for a dog in his last days. Just like humans, your fur-friend does not want to pass over the rainbow alone. 

This is obviously a very specialized version of foster care and can last from between 1 week and 1 year depending on their prognosis. 

Although this may be a very difficult foster care situation, you will be helping a golden oldie feel special till the end. 

For more details on this type of foster care and special needs care of a dog, you can go here



The best way to eliminate homeless dogs and to alleviate the dog shelters in Detroit Michigan, and globally, is to adopt a dog before you decide to shop for one. 

There are so many different dog breeds just waiting for you to come and take them home. 

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Detroit Dog Rescue you can follow the link here where you will find the featured dogs who are looking to become a new family member in your home. 

Thank you for your support for Swaggles as well as these dog shelters who rely on us to help them help those who need it most.