This Swag Will Have Your Tail Waggin’

Swaggles shared some interesting ways to dress up your pup!

Dogs hold a special place in the hearts of pet parents everywhere. We play with them, take them on walks, talk to them, and of course we buy them things!

Swaggles is a Detroit apparel company that allows you to dress up your pooch, and yourself, to show that you are a proud Detroit dog owner. Founder of Swaggles, Temeria Heard, joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to talk about what the business is all about.

Temeria said every piece of clothing they sell is paw branded, and through the sales they donate to local and national animal rescues. She said the company name is a combination of the word “swag” and her dog’s name Snuggles, who made a surprise appearance wearing some merch!

Swaggles offers a variety of pet clothing like ruffles, bandanas, collars, and leashes that accommodate any dog, any size. Temeria said they have a new product coming out called a “pet sling”, and demonstrated how you can effortlessly carry your small pup around. Jason said it’s like a BabyBjorn for your dog.

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