The Face of Apparel for Pet People

Founded in 2019 by Temeria Heard, Swaggles is a Detroit-born brand that offers unique paw-branded apparel and accessories for “pawrents” and their dogs.

The company supports organizations that provide fostering and forever homes to animals in need. Each month, Swaggles donates a percentage of its profits to anti-cruelty and animal abuse causes. Its core mission is to support organizations and causes that are dedicated to animal rescue.

Heard and the team at Swaggles believe it’s important for all dogs to have the compassion and protection needed for their overall healing and health. Because the company believes so much in its brand, Swaggles trademarked its paw image and the following words, along with its three designs: Compassion, Protect, and Detroit. Swaggles’ tagline is “The Paw Is the Brand.”

Please join Swaggles’ efforts in supporting organizations that rescue dogs all over the world. Your purchase helps support its mission. Visit today!

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