3 Detroit businesses to support this holiday season!

If you want to buy gifts that also contribute to a worthy cause, then Swaggles might be the right business to support this holiday season. The apparel company makes clothing and accessories for humans and dogs. It then donates a percentage of the proceeds to local and national no-kill shelters and rescues. 

Temeria Heard founded Swaggles in 2019 after seeing images and videos of animal abuse that “kept me up at night or woke me up at night.”

“I have a little dog, and I love her so much and I couldn’t imagine somebody doing anything to hurt her,” Heard said. “Just seeing the dogs being abused was heartbreaking.”

Heard said Swaggles’ mission is to support businesses and causes that share a passion for helping animals and giving donations to animal rescues. 

“No matter what, even when we don’t have sales, we still donate,” Heard said. 

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